Sunday, July 9, 2017

Introducing Andrew Corbin

It's been a chaotic last few weeks, but I've been so excited to update on the newest addition to the Brady family! My big bro and sis-in-love welcomed their first baby boy on a sunny and beautiful June 21st. Little Andrew Corbin Brady came into the world at 12:14 p.m. As soon as I got word, I bolted from my office to go meet the little guy.

I may be biased, but we'd all been pretty eagerly awaiting his arrival, and he's pretty perfect (although not as perfect as how his mom and dad look at him...)

Grandma Roxy was smitten right from the start..

Actually, we were all smitten right from the start- I absolutely loved this beautiful moment watching Stef holding her new baby boy. 

Grand-daddy and grand-mommy holding their first grandson. I love their expressions here. 

Uncle Josh held Andrew while Corbin introduced Anaelle to her new little brother. 

I've always loved and admired Bean, but to see him be an amazing dad makes me melt a bit inside. He and Stef are such amazing parents already. 

Anaelle did a great job at the hospital, but everyone needs a new toy every once in a while, right? :) 

Good grief- this right here is a perfect image of the new Brady bunch- Stef looks absolutely amazing and Bean looks so happy! 

Congratulations again, Bean and Stef! I'm so glad I could be there to capture these moments for you. I'm so excited to hang out with my niece and nephew and capture many more memories!