Friday, October 21, 2016


After a few photo shoots of my flipping adorable little niece, I started to get an idea. (No, not the idea to have one of my own- you can all calm down.) I started to get the idea that this could be pretty fun! I realized that I truly enjoy photographing sweet little babies. 

Since I only have fur babies at home, I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to do a newborn session for a family in our neighborhood this past week. We got to know them since their son has mowed our lawn quite a bit this summer (which has been a life saver with Joshua's hospital stay and extensive traveling this year.) We struck up a conversation one day and she let me know that they were adopting a baby in the next few weeks and were just waiting for her to be born.

A few months have passed since that conversation and they adopted little Harper last month. I had a blast getting some images of the sweet little one-month-old snoozing away. Don't be fooled, though- she was wide awake for 90% of the session!

Good grief, she is a cutie! I couldn't help but include a few of my favorites and I'm pretty excited to be taking some family photos for them later on this evening. 

It won't be long before we'll be driving home from work in the dark, so I'm thrilled that there will still be some beautiful light when I get home from work today! 

I'll be posting up some shots from the family session soon, but in the meantime, I hope you enjoy a beautiful crisp and colorful fall weekend!

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