Monday, May 30, 2016

Ryan + Brittany Engagement - Valley Junction

While not the focus of today's post, let me start off by recognizing Memorial Day. I am eternally indebted to those who have lost their lives in fighting for my freedom and I do not take that for granted. As a military wife and the granddaughter of a WWII veteran, this is extremely important to me and I truly thank God for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice for our country. 

I admit I am also truly thankful for a long weekend. Life has been on full-speed for the last few months and I made a serious dent in my to do list today! The final action of the list being to get some photos up of my beautiful cousin and her new fiancĂ© , Ryan. 

I'm so happy they asked me to shoot their engagement, and I get to shoot their wedding this fall! I loved getting to know Ryan a bit more and seeing how much they love each other and truly have fun together. They made it so easy to take pictures since they were constantly making each other smile! It is pretty amazing to be a part of this when I feel like it was only a few months ago I was taking her senior photos! 

We ended up having a blast exploring Valley Junction and even ended up visiting the place where he proposed. It ended up being a beautiful day in spite of the crazy wind! They were both fantastic sports about it and were up for anything! 

Now I can hardly wait for their wedding in September! 

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  1. I am a bit nostalgic remembering Brittany as a little toddler and now a beautiful young woman....these pics are so special .. Excited for their wedding and how they will love and serve each other and or Lord.