Tuesday, May 24, 2016

A puzzling toy

I have to brag a little bit. Not about myself, but my amazing hubs. The other day he started showing me wooden toys out of the blue. I was wondering why on earth he was suddenly so into researching this when he mentioned he wanted to make a toy for our niece, Anaelle. 

First of all, that is adorable. I love that he thought of that. Second, as soon as I agreed that it was a great idea, he started working on it and had it done the next day! 

I was so excited, I wanted to post up some photos of it really quickly. He will probably want me to give the disclaimer that he already has thought of ways to enhance it, but I think it is downright amazing! 

He even cut out her initial as one of the shapes! 

When she is old enough, I bet she'll have loads of fun with this! Perhaps too complicated for a 3-month-old at the moment, but she'll get there! ;) 

Now my hubs has the woodworking bug and I'm starting to create a list of things for him to make! Let me know if you think of anything cool he should try to tackle! 

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