Friday, April 1, 2016

April Fool's Day... The nice way!

I'll admit- I've never been much of a prankster. My poker face is non-existent and my conscience is too strong to pull a mean prank. This leaves me with few options for April Fools' Day! I love to be festive, but I usually end up skipping any pranks as I admit defeat. 

Today isn't really TOO different, but my hubs left town on a work trip this morning, so I figured out a little something I could do that he wouldn't suspect and it would end up being a nicer prank. I'm sure that loses a bit of the spirit, but I didn't really want my hubs to bite into a mayo-stuffed donut or a mustard-frosted cupcake halfway through his drive, although I did consider it... 

Thus was born canned food candy! I sent a gift for him to open on his drive and filled it with what looked like a few canned goods. He opened it to see this: 

Just a few cans of soup and some chunky pineapple. Not the greatest road trip snack.

Fortunately, with very little time-involvement, I was able to stuff them all with treats! 

This was a quick and easy trick. 
  • First, find a few cans in your pantry (or buy a few in particularly nasty canned items), and make sure they have a lip around the bottom just like the top, where a can opener can grip it. 
  • Open the bottom of the can ALMOST all the way. You could go the whole way, but this is much easier! 
  • Dump out the contents into a storage container to eat later and thoroughly clean out the cans, then dry them. 
  • Pick out treats that work for the individual. For instance, I picked mini peanut butter cups, Star Wars fruit snacks, pistachio pouches, mixed nut pouches and coffee-infused chocolate discs. Just whatever individually-wrapped snacks will fit in the cans!
  • Then close the bottom of the can again and hot glue it shut. Try to keep the glue neat and to a minimum so it doesn't attract too much attention. 

Then you're done! Package them in a non-conspicuous way and if you're anything like me, have them open it when you're not in sight! 

Thankfully, I haven't been fooled yet today. My dad used to wake me up by telling me it was snowing, but that lost its fun when it was actually true too many times. Gotta love Iowa... 

Any fun pranks you've pulled or fun ideas for future years? Let me know! 

Feel free to try this and let me know how it turns out! 

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