Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Say Cheese!

As a native of Des Moines, it has been pretty cool to watch the city grow and add new opportunities and entertainment over the years. Our downtown alone used to be empty and vacant when not in use for a concert. Now we have an arcade bar, top-notch restaurants, eccentric coffee shops, a high-end shopping district, and one of my favorites: a new jazz club. 

There are unique start-ups, pianos ready for playing on the street corners, and bikes placed around town to rent for convenience as you try to fit all these things into your schedule. (I'm suddenly excited for spring!) 

Outside of downtown, the possibilities are endless. I've been here my whole life and am still trying new things and going to new places. 

One such place is The Cheese Shop of Des Moines. As a fellow cheese lover, they have some of the most incredible cheeses in store, as well as plenty of foods and drinks to go with them. The price isn't always for the faint of heart, but since my hubs and I had a gift card- we were thrilled to splurge a bit for valentine's day. 

With zero experience in creating a cheese plate (but plenty of experience consuming them!), I am pretty proud of our assembly:  

We already know the types of cheeses we liked, so we selected a 10-year aged cheddar, a ridiculously smooth bleu, and a mild, but delicious swiss. Pair that with the baby gherkins, a prosciutto paste, raspberry jalapeƱo jam and olive oil crackers- we were all set! We even topped it off with some Chocolate Storybook treats from my lovely mom. 

Valentine's Day rocked, to say the least. Snuggled at home, watching a movie and having some of the best cheeses with my hubs- fantastic! 

Does anyone have any favorite places to go in Des Moines? 

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