Friday, February 5, 2016

Pinecone or Waffle Cone? THAT is the Question.

Sadly, there is nothing about waffle cones in this post, although I'm kind of craving one all of the sudden. Rather, I have a very quick tutorial on the pinecone garland shown in the "Baby, It's Cold Outside" baby shower post here. 

The instructions aren't overly complicated, but it definitely took longer than expected! 
I purchased a bag of pinecones from JoAnn fabrics. (link here) They were on sale for about $3 a bag, although as I check out the link now, they are $1.20! Not a bad deal for about 15 pinecones. 

The only downside is the smell. The cinnamon smell was crazy overwhelming, so I poured them out into a basket to let them air out for a few weeks. I highly recommend this and it helped immensely! 

You can do this project in a few ways, but I found this to be the easier and more sturdy of routes. You'll want to start by prying away some of the "scales" at the top of the pinecone so you have somewhat of a flat area. There is a nub (scientific term is apparently peduncle) that we don't want on the top- so take a pair of pliers and snap that off! This was frustrating since it didn't always snap how I wanted it to. So get a few extra pinecones! 

Then I about gave up on the whole thing while trying to insert an eye screw into each pinecone. The dastardly things did NOT want to cooperate. But I prevailed! I legitimately just stuck them into the area where the peduncle was removed, then pushed and turned as hard as I could. 

The worst was finally over and painting them was super easy! I've seen people use glue as well, then sprinkle glitter over it for a sparkly snow vibe. 

Then grab a spool of twine or string and tie them at your desired interval before hanging! At the end of this month, I will actually have a fireplace mantle to decorate, so I'm pretty jazzed to hang stuff like this! 

Let me know if you have any questions or if you tried this yourself! 

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