Monday, February 8, 2016

My Funny Valentine

My hubby and I will have our 4th anniversary this fall! A lot of people keep telling me we're still in the newlywed phase, and they must be right, since I'm crazy about him every day. It's as if everyone assumes that for a couple to truly be happy, they must have not spent much time together. 
Thankfully, I know this is not true after watching my parents show each other completely selfless love every day, and they have been married almost 35 years! 

I aspire to have a marriage like theirs that is not dependent on perfection, (even though they both pretty much are!) but on God's grace and unconditional love. I love working toward that with my hubs each day. One of the ways I really enjoy showing him love is through gifts. Nothing crazy, but small little somethings. 

Since our very first year together, I have spent the week prior to V-day sending my hubby a punny valentine each day. I try to mix them up to involve a variety of topics each year and he likes getting all kinds of fun little things- or maybe he just enjoys seeing how my weird mind works!

I thought I would give you a glimpse into his week of valentines this year. I'll be posting one each day up until Valentine's Day and check out below to see some of the past four years of valentines. They aren't meant to be overly romantic or eloquent, but to be goofy and fun! 

This year, for instance, he has really been wanting some vitamins. I kept acting like I forgot to get them (which is not out of the realm of possibilities for me) so I could use it for this morning's valentine! 

And he ended up loving it. Obviously vitamins aren't ideal for everyone, so try filling a pill bottle with candy and putting a special label on it as an alternative! :) 

Four years ago, I didn't think to take nice photos of my little puns, and for some, I took no photo at all! So below are some of the random puns I have used: 

For the above, I'm sure you can guess most of the gifts that went with these, but here is the list: 
"You're Dino-mite!" - toy dinosaur
"The Biggest 'Perk' in my Life is You!" - a Starbucks gift card
"I'm a sucker for you!" - a sucker (not the most unique one, but I mix in some really basic ones since I plan on doing this a LONG time and don't want to use up all the good ones first!) 
"You Really Float my Boat!" - a Root Beer Float basket (including ice cream, root beer, cups, straws and a scooper)
"I Know"- a Han Solo figurine! (We're both Star Wars nerds)
"We Make a Great Combo- see the image below! 

Last year, I splurged a bit on the gift above: Bath & Body Works has some awesome scents for men, so I picked out a few and he loved them! He's not much for wearing lots of lotion, but LOVES having his feet rubbed with it, so it was kind of a gift that kept giving!

I loved this gift, but the tutorial I followed wasn't tested very well, apparently, and my sharpie wore off pretty quickly. I would recommend a protective layer over the sharpie since baking it did nothing!

the Dynamite stick was filled with a tube of Rolos. :) 

I loved this squeeze toy with the pop-out eyes and had to incorporate it! The dogs had a blast with this one later! 

I know there are plenty more that are packed up for our move this month, so hopefully I can scrounge them up for another time! 

I try to make these useful, but it's pretty easy to rationalize pointless toys when we have dogs in the house. Any toy becomes entertainment as the dogs tear it apart moments later. 

I'll be back tomorrow with a new valentine, so stay tuned! 

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