Friday, February 12, 2016

I Loaf You!

If you're anything like me, you have a love/hate relationship with bread. I LOVE to eat it, but I hate to bake it. It's something about the time involvement, but mostly because I have a difficult time with getting yeast to work. I literally have to use my husband's meat thermometer to get the water to the right temperature or it doesn't get frothy. (Don't worry, I clean the meat thermometer first!) 

Alas, my dad got my mom got an amazing bread maker for Christmas. So using that was WAY easier! It did all the rising and kneading for me *queue angel chorus*. 

The part that took so long was the starter. I have never attempted sourdough bread before (because I think it's disgusting), but my hubs loves it. So I began slowly adding water and flour to a sealed bowl for the last 7 days before actually making the bread with my momma yesterday. 

I have to admit, though. The flavor of the bread is pretty good- even for sourdough. 

Check out that nice crusty top! I wish it weren't sourdough so I could have a slice! 

And when it comes to bread, nothing should overshadow it, so I made the card nice and simple, using my metal stamps to indent the letters. 

Only two more to go, and tomorrow's is especially weird, so stop back to check it out!

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