Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Baby, It's Cold Outside!

This past weekend, I had the incredible opportunity to host a baby shower for my sis-in-love. She and my bro are expecting a sweet little girl in March! I'm pretty jazzed to have a little niece and already have an affinity for pink, so it pretty much decorated itself! :) 

The biggest thing to figure out was location. Since we were expecting around 35 people, our house wasn't going to be big enough (which worked out well since there are moving boxes everywhere!) So we decided on my dad's dental office (It's not a typical dental office). 

Baby B will have a pink nursery, so I went with a wintery rustic vibe with plenty of pink. Here's a quick look at the invitation I designed for the event.

I had my doubts about the end result, but the office really ended up transforming well! It really was a blast to plan and there were so many small details that I could do myself, like these twine-wrapped mason jars below and the craft runners for the tables: 

These pine cone garlands weren't exactly what I would call "fun" to make, but I'm pretty happy with the way they turned out! It really pulled the winter vibe into all the pink decor.  (I'll give this its own tutorial later.) 

Instead of a typical guestbook, we had everyone highlight their favorite encouraging Bible verse for Baby B and sign their name next to the verse. I love the thought of her having this years down the road- with all the encouraging verses from tons of people who have loved her since before she was born!  

 After highlighting their verse, everyone was invited to write a note to the new dad and mom, which I will snail mail to them at random points once Baby B is born. My aunt did this for my bridal shower and it was SO fun to receive encouraging letters during the first few months of marriage! 

Once everyone was finally inside, they were welcome to mingle and enjoy some sugar (ironic for a dental office!) 

My favorite aspect were the DIY s'mores. I hand-painted each skewer (bamboo kabob sticks) and placed them in a milk bottle for presentation. There were three sternos (placed in a bowl with glass beads) for roasting the mallows. I was surprised at how well they roasted! 

 There were heart-shaped pink marshmallows as well, but nothing beats a regular s'more for me! For kicks and giggles, there were mocha, sea salt and dark chocolates available. 

And I finally figured out a use for the artichoke lanterns! They were a great addition to the entrance, along with the polka dot paper garland draped across the doorway. 
You can find the tutorial for the lantern here, and the tutorial for the paper dot garland here

 And even though it ended up being a balmy 45 degrees in Iowa for the shower, we still went through quite a bit of coffee, hot tea and hot chocolate! (What is hot chocolate without whipped cream and toppings?) 

And don't even get me started on the sparkling grape juice and petits fours! Oh my goodness! Those little almond cakes were SO good. Unfortunately, there were a few leftovers, so I had to eat a few more the next day. :) 

While I'm not usually one for games at parties, it is so much to get everyone involved- especially when there are grown men who will participate in a baby bottle chugging contest! 

We also had some great sports for a "feed the baby" game, where both people in each couple were blindfolded, but had to feed each other applesauce with a baby spoon. 

And finally, we had a game for everyone present- Guess the baby items (really creative name, right?)
My mom picked out seven random items that ranged from easy to difficult to identify. Everyone had a note card and pencil and had to feel inside the bag (without looking) then try to identify each item in only 30 seconds. 

The moms in the room definitely had an advantage in this game! 

As we wrapped up the games, my dad (and a grandpa-to-be) prayed for my bro, sis-in-love and little niece. 

Then, of course, it was time for gifts! Just to add a special touch, I pre-addressed thank you notes and gave them to dad and mom-to-be at the end of the shower to make it a little easier in the chaos of preparing for a new baby! 

It was such a fun experience. We have an amazing family (and honorary family), so it is pretty easy to have a great time hanging out with everyone. Plus, it's such an honor to host for the first Brady baby in the family! While it's a truly bizarre feeling to think of my brother as a dad, I know they are both going to be absolutely amazing parents. 

Have a wonderful day, everyone! 

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  1. what a sweet celebration, everything was so very special. You are so creative!!!