Monday, November 16, 2015

Spicin' it up

I absolutely love trying new spices and seasonings. And while Tone's is the bee's knees for affordable spices, the yellow and red containers aren't exactly attractive in the kitchen. In order to make my spice rack a little more pleasing to the eye, I re-purposed an old shelving piece went to work thinking of a new idea for a container. 

I have been using these for about 5 years now, and it has worked splendidly (although I probably should re-do a few of them now that I know what spices I use and don't use.)

First, you will need small glass jars. I chose these cute little jars from Bed Bath & Beyond. They came in a pack, but now are sold individually here. 

You will also need painters tape, a while paint marker, Chalkboard paint and a small brush or sponge (depending on the look you want.) 

First, spread out a bunch of newspaper. (If you're anything like me, nothing is safe from a crafting mess.) Then cut small strips of painters tape (twice as many strips as you have jars) and place them on the front of the jar, leaving only the center exposed for painting. 

Using your sponge or brush, fill in the un-taped section with blackboard paint. It may take a few coats.  

Once you have as many coats as you'd like, peel off the tape and let the jars dry.

Then, using a white paint marker, or a chalk paint marker, write the name of your desired spices on each jar! You can make it look fancy or casual!

It has worked great for my spices and holds about 2 oz, which is fantastic since I go through them so quickly! There are always a few spices I don't have room for, so I still have a drawer for excess spices, but this is so much more fun! :) 

Have a fantastic week and let me know if you think of any unique spices I should incorporate in my spice rack!

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