Wednesday, October 7, 2015

3 Years = Leather

It has been a pretty crazy last few weeks. Life kind of gets away from me sometimes and I need to really re-focus and hone in on what is important. Last night was the perfect opportunity to do that as my husband and I celebrated our 3rd anniversary! 

I love having my hubs by my side- especially when life gets the way it has been. Even when we face pay-cuts and job stress, he is always steadfast. I get a little emotional and frantic and he stands firm. I literally thank God for giving me such an amazing spouse. 

Three years ago, we decided we wanted to stick to the traditional anniversary gifts. While this has meant we have to get creative with themes like paper, cotton and leather, it has actually been pretty fun! 

This year, I was a tearful mess as I opened a hand-made leather photo album with a beautiful note and a few photos of us so far. He started our own scrapbook! It reminds me of the adventure book from the movie "UP." 

While we had big plans to go out and have a romantic dessert night on the town, we decided it sounded better to get Perkin's pie to go and watched a movie at home. :) I think that means we're getting old! 

I hope you're all having a wonderful start to fall and enjoying your family and spouses like I am this week! 

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