Monday, September 14, 2015

Na na na na .. Bat Bar!

It is always so wonderful to get refreshed over vacation. After a week away with my Soldier, I couldn't be more thankful for the time we had together. It is such a great thing for our marriage to really just have fun together and de-stress. 

We were blessed enough to receive a trip to Big Cedar Lodge at Table Rock Lake for Christmas last year from my parents, so we put that to great use and stayed there most of the week! This place is incredible- seriously, check it out: 

We were able to stay in a duplex cabin, so even though the chimney had some issues and the last 24 hours were quite smokey, we did get to enjoy a couple evenings like this: 

They also have this incredible restaurant/golf course called Top of the Rock. You can do a golf cart tour of the property, including going through some natural caves (with water dripping from stalactites) and some breathtaking views of the lake.  My only request was that I got to drive for the tour. Those little carts can go pretty fast! 

While we didn't get any photos in the cave (much too dark!) they had an amazing addition to the tour- a bat bar! You can pull up in your golf cart and order their specialty drinks, wine, soda, juice, water, etc, then carry on with your tour in the dark and damp winding path through the caves. It really is a cool experience! 

My parents love Big Cedar Lodge and had actually made reservations during the same week we were there, so we ended up going on the tour together and doing a few double dates- talk about great timing! Plus, it's always entertaining to watch the guys be goofballs: 

Toward the end of our stay, we also went on an evening cruise on Table Rock lake- such perfect weather! 

My hubs even surprised me after our stay with an out-of-the-way trip home to swing through Rolla to visit some wonderful friends, then on to St. Louis & Chicago to see some wonderful people I miss a lot! So it was a wonderful end to the trip (albeit a LOT of driving!) 

And I found out the hard way how stressful it can be to drive in Chicago when you're used to the laid back Iowa life: I almost ran a cop car off the road because I didn't know where I was going! Needless to say, he pulled me over to see if I was intoxicated! My husband made fun of me the rest of the time and I'm sure will not forget about it anytime soon. Thankfully, the officer was super nice and helped me out with directions since I was obviously confused! 

Have a fantastic week and enjoy the last warm days before fall kicks in!