Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Under Pressure! (Pressure Washing, that is...)

What a week! 

As I briefly mentioned previously, my awesome husband has been gone for the last three weeks at Annual Training in Fort Polk, Louisiana. I did not envy him his time there in the 112 heat index with humidity that rusted his pocketknife! 

I have been so excited to have him home (three weeks is a long time!) and have been booking it to get everything done in his love language, which means hedge trimming, mowing and pressure washing our fence. 

Seriously proud of that one: Check out this image from when it was almost complete! Who knew we had such a good-looking fence!  

My love language is definitely not action oriented like this. I am big on gift giving and words, so he always gets some punny little goofy cards when he goes on longer trips like this. I get some inspiration online ( is amazing for sweet hubby stuff like this!) or just come up with our own inside joke ideas. I include a Bible verse that I feel will encourage him that day and pack them all up for his trip!

He loved his cards AND the yard being all done, so he could actually relax when he got home... or so I thought! We had a lovely evening at home... and then out of nowhere, I get sick. Horrible stomach pains for days. So there went our plans to spend a romantic weekend together and make homemade meals for him, but it was pretty nice having him there to take care of me. :) 

I just had my first day back a work today- which completely wiped me out- but I can't complain! I have no idea how all of you moms can go through this stuff and still be taking care of everyone else! I have a hard enough time letting the dogs outside when I'm sick! 

So enough about me and my lazy sick days, I will leave you with two things this oddly chilly Wednesday in Iowa: 

First, a suggestion: if you can find a good deal, get a pressure washer! It's so amazing to watch things transform when you clean them! We use it on siding, sidewalks, fences, etc. Awesome machine that really saves money in the long run! 

Second, a video of the pups seeing their "dog-dad" for the first time when he got home. :)

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