Thursday, August 13, 2015

Welcome, Little Pumpkin Baby Shower

Since I don't get to host baby showers every day (only two, ever, in fact), I thought I might give a little glimpse into one I planned last fall. It seems especially appropriate since fall is right around the corner! 

Since I am a sucker for themes and wordplay, pumpkins seemed perfect. Plus, it's super easy to decorate with pumpkins when they are outside every grocery store! 

I also ended up spending a lot of time at Hobby Lobby, where I found these adorable little straws and flags. I combined mason jars from my own collection, my mom's and my sis-in-luv's, so that was pretty easy! A warning on those paper straws, though- they get a little mushy the longer you use them! 

We also ordered cupcakes from a local bakery, Creme Cupcake- and provided little candy pumpkins for decor. Amazing flavors there! We went with Mocha Fudge, Salted Cinnamon Caramel and Red Velvet. We hosted it in the early afternoon as a dessert reception. We also had coffee, tea and apple cider! 

And centerpieces/decor was a breeze...

I also baked apple and pumpkin pies, added a little wheat to a pitcher, and voila! The pie stand below is actually from my wedding. My hubby, the officer, made it from wood in our backyard!! 

And to sub as a welcome sign, I painted a larger pumpkin  and included some fresh fall leaves, mini pumpkins, and an old milk crate I actually used in my wedding as well. 

And while it seems most people hate baby shower games (or any shower games), we had to throw in a few that weren't too bad: First up was only selecting volunteers to guess the baby-food. (and we only picked ones that didn't sound nasty!)

There was also a pumpkin painting contest, which the mom-to-be got to judge so the winner received a prize. We had everything from little colorful brads (to act as safer push-pins), paints and glitter. The results were pretty awesome! 

Gifts followed of course, and even the new big-sister reaped the benefits of the shower with her own personalized shirt. 

Before everyone left, we made sure to have a small gift for them on the way out! This cute little pumpkin bear guarded our basket of Apple Valley soaps with different fall scents. If you haven't heard of them, check out their website: - I have never met a soap or lip product I would recommend, but my husband, parents and I all love these! 

Okay.. I'll get off my "soapbox." :) 

The party was a great success and we had a blast putting it together! I can't wait to host another shower- there are so many great ideas out there! 


  1. Thank you for sharing our website with your readers! These are some fabulous shower ideas, and it looks like you had a blast with it!

    1. We definitely did- glad you had a moment to check it out and thanks for supplying the amazing soaps! :)

  2. Joyous to know about your baby shower party and hope you had great time. Couple of weeks ago, I attended my cousin’s daughter’s baby shower party which was arranged at one of grand Chicago venues. The arrangements there were lovely and we had amazing time.