Thursday, July 9, 2015

Mmmm... Cow-pies!

My husband's one request for his birthday was chocolate. (Big fan of dark chocolate!) and I knew I wanted to make him a cake that resembled a cow-pie, but only because I really wanted it to say, "Holy, crap- you're old!" I know, I know: loving wife, right? 

But after searching the internet high and low for some cute looking cow-pies, I came up with no good simple recipes that didn't require shaving down a cake or that just looked downright disgusting. I mean, they had to be cute at the same time, of course! 

So I have created a super simple "recipe" for these chocolate cow-pies: 

You will need:
1 package Dark chocolate Hershey kisses
1 can Dark chocolate frosting
1 package Oreo Cremes (any flavor will work)

Beyond that, it is simple! Start with an Oreo Creme, pipe about a tablespoon of chocolate frosting on the top center, then press a kiss into the frosting. You should end up with what appears to be a mini cow-pie! 

I would highly recommend making a similar sign to go with it so it makes a little more sense. 

My husband got a kick out of this and they ended up being quite good! Let me know if you have some great ideas on your own cow-pie creations!

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