Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Crazy 80's & Cowpies

You've probably realized by now that I have a love for alliteration. It's a problem. I'll admit it. I will also admit that I love planning things. This is why every holiday gets me in a bit of a frenzy with dreams decorating and craft projects- and also why I got so excited that my wonderful husband was turning 30!

This past weekend was his birthday and since I didn't give him any kids by the time he hit 30 (as he jokingly requested when we got married), I decided a party would suffice!

First off, parties are expensive! Especially when you really want to invite and feed about 50 people! I decided to keep it as low-cost as possible and scoured the internet for inspiration and ideas.

Since he was born in the 80's, I thought an 80's party would be a lot of fun to plan, but wanted it to reflect his favorite parts of the 80's, so I started off designing my own invitation I thought he would find entertaining:

Video Games were a huge inspiration since my hubs is a gamer nerd. I ended up with Pacman ghost tablecloths, Firepower cheese puffs and some Pacman garland.

Plus, he is a huge fan of 80's movies, so movie posters were plastered all over. There were about 35 in total- and it was super cheap to print them at home! I ended up numbering each poster and as guests arrived, they took a trivia sheet and guessed each movie, video game or TV show that went with each poster (for a Star Wars Lunch box prize!) 
There was also a "Guess the Legos" display and a Darth Vader Pez dispenser prize.

Pretty much all of the decor was made from things I already had (construction paper, yarn, paint) and what I didn't have, I either was given or purchased from a thrift store (old records and cassettes.) I found a great tutorial for a record cupcake stand- which turned out great (as seen below), but it is now chalked up as a Pinterest-fail. Apparently you can't leave those outside or they actually start to melt in the heat! They still looked kind of fun, and cupcakes were still consumed, so no big deal. 

The entire food table was thankfully on the deck in the shade, but I admit I am pretty proud of the floppy disc sign, the faux-polaroid banners of him as a kid, cassette food labels, record bowls and record plates. (Just a printed CD label centered on a black plate!) And what better foods to have than doritos and pizza? I guess we had to throw in veggies for something healthy. :) 

My favorite part of the party, however, was the photobooth. It was a little janky and fell over in the wind a few times, but I just splatter painted a few black tableclothes and set up my lights.
People had a great time posing for photos with a few props: Even Ferris Bueller sang us a solo!

Overall, the party was a blast and people loved the personal touches. The hubs had a great time (and loved that I did it on the cheap) and I learned that it never hurts to ask for discounts on LARGE pizza orders! :)

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